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You have already made the giant leap in deciding you want to become a PA. You have done all the research about the profession and are ready to charge full steam ahead to begin your application process.

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Obesity has become common place among the American culture.

The realm of orthopedics has researched and studied the negative effects of obesity in adults and what orthopedic problems develop as a results of the excess weight and stress placed on the body.

Body Mass Index (BMI) was developed as a way to categorize and quantify obesity. For adults a BMI of 30 is considered obese.

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When one thinks about the future trends in orthopedics the topic of total joints becomes the elephant in the room.

Current prediction show that primary THA is estimated to grow by 174 percent, from 208,600 in 2005 to 572,100 by 2030,
while primary TKA is projected to grow from 450,400 to 3.48 million procedures during the same period (more than 673 percent). (Stats taken from Materials Management in Health Care). Read More >>

Preoperative Predictors of Returning to Work Following Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty

Joseph F. Styron, PhD, Wael K. Barsoum, MD, Kathleen A. Smyth, PhD and Mendel E. Singer, PhD

“Once I get my total knee Doc, when will I be able to get back to work?”

This is a very common question among those undergoing a total joint who are still in working.

In the past total joints were reserved to aid in ambulations for the older population. Mainly targeting the population of those older then 70. Currently, the trend has slowly shifted. Presently, one might have a total joint no matter their age, as long as they meet the criteria for surgery.

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This weeks article may provide insight on how you, as a clinician, can answer the question: “when can I return to work?”

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