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Running and sports medicine tends to go hand and hand.



If you are involved in sports medicine, you know that the knee is a very complex joint.

Sports Health Journal’s July/August issue has a very nice review article describing the meniscus, aka “the shock absorber of the knee.” Read More >>

Psoriatic arthritis may not be as common as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, however the boney destruction caused by this disease can be devastating. Read More >>

This weeks journal review talks about a topic that many learn about in texts books, but may not come in contact with in practice unless they are strictly working in orthopedics. Read More >>

The PA profession has incorporated well into the health care system of the United States. The medical model of incorporating PAs has been trialed in other countries, including; Australia, Scotland, and Canada. Read More >>

the anterior cruciate ligament

ACL injuries. An injury that is almost considered common in young female athletes. Some consider this injury an epidemic among soccer players. Read More >>

Injury to the rotator cuff musculature is a common problem that Orthopedist diagnosis and treat. The rotator cuff is a set of four muscles: surprapinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis, and teres minor. The supraspinatus is the most common of the four to be injuryed.

This weeks journal provides a case report about a rotator cuff injury that is not commonly seen.


You want to become a PA, but there is a puzzle of 500 words that stand in your way. Read More >>

Is that patient with the ankle sprain taking longer to recover then expected?
It may be more then just a simple lateral ankle sprain. Read More >>

Blood management is a common concern among physicians who preform total knee arthroplasties (TKA).

The use and disuse of a drain post TKA continues to spur debates. Read More >>